Eyelash Treatments

What Are Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions are a new and exciting technique for lengthening and adding thickness to your eyelashes.

They are applied to each individual eyelash to give them a fuller more natural look. We use only Premium Mink and Sable Lashes to give you the highest quality extensions possible.


How Long Do Eyelash Extensions Last?

The length of time your lashes will last depend on how well you follow the care instructions and the speed of your eyelashes own natural growth cycle. Which is why we recommend retouching your eyelash extensions every 3 weeks after your first full set.

This will help to maintain fullness and to replace any that may have fallen out.


Eyelash Perming – Say Good-Bye To Eyelash Curlers

Sakura beauty is pleased to present perming to compliment our range of eyelash treatment. Recently Eyelash Perming has become very popular all over the world. Now you can semi-permanently curl your lashes for up to more than 5 weeks in just 50 minutes. Procedure uses silicon pads instead of traditional rollers.


Eyelash Treatment Prices

Eyelash Extensions

Full Set

Classic Set – $120

Volume – $150 up to 



45min – $65

60min – $75

75min – $85

90min – $90


We recommend getting your lashes retouched every 2-4 weeks. After 5 weeks you will need a full set.


Eyelash Perming

Eyelash Perm: $60.00

Remove: $35 (25min)

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Eyelash Treatments are available only in our Beverly Hills location.

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