Mink, Sable & Silk Eyelash Extensions – What You Should Know

Mink vs Sable vs SyntheticWith the popularity of eyelash extensions growing not just here in Los Angeles but globally, several news types of eyelashes are popping up. But what’s the difference?

Although any of the extensions will give you insanely sexy eyes, and you’ll be smothered with constant compliments, there are some vital differences between these popular eyelash extensions that you should be aware of.


Differences Between Mink, Sable, Silk or Synthetic Eyelashes

The main difference between the types of lashes comes down to their firmness, are they real fur, faux fur or synthetic.

Synthetic or Silk lashes are the heaviest, great for a really full thick look, often rated at 0.20mm in thickness.

Mink or Faux Mink are usually thinner and softer than Silk rated at 0.15mm-0.2mm in thickness, but can also come thicker as well.

The thinnest and softest is Sable of rated at 0.10mm-0.15mm.

We usually use Faux Mink or Faux Sable, although Sable is really only recommended for those who have very thin natural eyelashes that have trouble supporting the weight of Mink and Silk.

And we consult our clients to figure out the thickness that will work with their expectations.

Real Fur won’t hold a curl as well as Faux Fur.


Mink & Faux Mink Eyelashes

Mink Lashes are the new craze. If you’re going for that 100% natural look, this is the best you can get. Most people love Mink because they look so natural and give them full, fluffy eyelashes.

Real Mink lashes come from the Mink tail, either the Siberian Mink or the Chinese Mink. The Siberian Mink are the better of the two.

There is also the Faux Mink which we use at Sakura Beauty. We prefer these because they are more affordable, come very close to holding all the same characteristics except if you get them wet, they won’t lose their curl which is a huge advantage over real Mink.



Mink lashes are known to be very light and soft, making them a more comfortable choice over silk lashes. They also have a gloss or shin to them and have a more natural fluffy look.

They often come with a perm and will last a little longer than silk but will cost you a lot more. Usually $300-$500 for a starting set for real mink. You also need to perm them at home to maintain the desired curl like you would your own natural lashes.

With Faux Mink lashes the curl is permanent.



You should choose Mink or Faux Mink lashes if you want extensions that you’ll be wearing for a prolonged period of time. In other words, you plan on keeping them and continually retouched.

The minks are also great if your own natural lashes are thinner because the mink lashes are very light and soft.

If you want a more natural-looking lash that you can apply mascara to enhance, then Mink or Faux Mink should be your first choice.

Note: You should only use mascara designed for extensions.



This is the scary part. An initial set of Real Mink lashes will oftentimes set you back $300-$500.

We charge all first-time clients up with an initial set of Faux Mink lashes for only $120.00, then only $75 for your three-week touchups. There’s no catch, no tricks. These are just some of the advantages of going to independently owned Salons like Sakura Beauty in Beverly Hills.

We also offer Premium Faux Mink which runs a little more, you’ll need to call for those prices.


Sable & Faux Sable Eyelashes

Sable eyelashes are made from natural hair like Mink and are the thinnest of the eyelash extensions.



The thinnest of the lashes rated at 0.10mm. They have all the same quality as the Mink lashes except they’re even lighter and softer.



Since Sable lashes are the finest, they should really only be used if your natural eyelashes are very fine.



Same as Mink. Roughly $300-500 for a set of real lashes. We do the Faux Sable at $120.00.


Silk Eyelash Extensions

When someone says Synthetic Lashes they are referring to either Silk or Acrylic.

Synthetic Silk being the more popular of the two for the lighter feel. Not as light as Mink or Sable, but they are more comfortable than Acrylic and can be used for everyday use.



Synthetic Silk Eyelashes cost less than Mink or Sable, they are great for short term wear or special occasions since they are thicker, full and have a uniformed perfect curve to them.

Since they already hold such a dark pigment, there is no reason for mascara.

They are usually much thicker than Mink or Sable lashes rated at 0.20mm.



Choose Synthetic Silk eyelash extension for those special occasions. A wedding, a photo-shoot or a part in a film. You can use them as everyday lashes as well but they won’t be as light and comfortable as the Mink and Sable lashes.


Getting Your First Set Of Eyelash Extensions

If you live in the Los Angeles or Beverly Hills area you can call us anytime for an appointment for your next set of extensions. We’ll consult you and choose the best lashes for your needs.

We offer Premium Faux Mink, Regular Faux Mink, as Faux Sable extensions which we think you’ll love and use lashes only imported from Japan for maximum quality.

Call or Text: 310.780.3520

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  • I live in AZ and I am planning to try eyelash extensions for the first time! I just want to thank you for a very thorough review on the difference! I believe that faux Mink or premium faux Mink is ideal for me!

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